Our Story

Larrea Skincare is an exploration of the art of self-care: the fundamental first step in caring for others and the world around us. Our goal is to cultivate a space for harmonious, energetic replenishment that fosters a connection with ourselves amidst a busy and chaotic world. Our artful products are made with pure, recognizable ingredients and powerful botanical allies, and are designed to soothe and illuminate your body and spirit with the power of plants. Larrea helps you rejuvenate your energy so you can continue to accomplish all that you want, need, and love to do with your wild and precious life.


Desert landscape photo
About Our Namesake

Larrea (la-RAY-ah) is the genus of the resilient creosote bush, Larrea tridentata, also known by the name of chaparral. This resilient, prolific plant is beloved in the Southwest because whenever it rains, the air smells of its familiar, musky, earthy scent—and we cherish rain in this region! Larrea tridentata is also revered by Southwest herbalists for its numerous benefits to the skin when used topically and is respected for its resilience and ability to grow abundantly in our harsh desert climate.


About Our Founder

Nice to meet you! My name is Julianna Starr Asis, and I am the herbalist, formulator, and alchemist who created Larrea Skincare. I am a sensitive and sovereign soul that grew up in the woods and waters of Massachusetts, where I began to cultivate a deep love for the natural world. I was raised by a playful, holistic medical doctor from Argentina and a loving mother who did nonprofit advocacy work.

I had the unique opportunity to attend an experiential Expeditionary Learning high school that took me across the country on educational journeys rich with curiosity and exploration, and on wilderness backpacking trips that introduced me to nature’s deeply restorative energy. I spent many formative years working with plants on the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard, where I also developed a relationship with the moody and sparkling Atlantic Ocean.

After years on the small island, I turned to the expansiveness of the Desert Southwest, where I delved into the captivating world of wildcrafted herbalism. The majority of my herbal training was with the Voyage Botanica School of Herbal Medicine, which was founded by Michael Cottingham, a former student of the renowned herbalist and botanist Michael Moore. Much of my time there was spent directly in the field, trekking out into nature and stopping to sit with and talk about the plants wherever they were to connect with them directly. My work has also been informed by my past professional roles as a fine gardener, event floral designer, product formulator, and creative director.